The aim of our foundation is to represent the interests of students studying in Hungary; assist in the educational work of organizations, educational institutions and teachers working with them; promote their youth and civic advocacy activities and support their operation; and develop citizens’ capacity for community initiative and action, awareness and assertiveness.

Activities of Foundation for Student-Centered Education:

  • organization of exhibitions, events, conferences, courses, study tours, workshops,
  • education, training, dissemination of knowledge, skills development,
  • production of professional publications,
  • elaboration of policy proposals,
  • scientific activity, research,
  • purchase of educational equipment,
  • cultural activity,
  • child and youth protection, advocacy,
  • social activity,
  • protection of human and civil rights,
  • promoting social equality of opportunity for disadvantaged groups,
  • community organization, community development

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    The foundation’s financial report for 2020 is available [in Hungarian] by clicking here

    The appendix to the 2020 report is available [in Hungarian] by clicking here, and the text report is available [in Hungarian] by clicking here.